Loan Facilities

School fees Loan, Emergency Loan, Development/ business Loan, Instant Loan, Top up Loan

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Saving may either be in form of shares or deposits.

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Every members should have a minimum of 250 shares @ Kshs.20 i.e. Kshs.5,000.

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Our Staff

People are our greatest asset. We leverage unique talents and skills to drive our business performance

Our Mission

To be a Credible Sacco, providing financial services in a Christian environment offering innovative and timely products/services.

Our Vision

To facilitate members achieve the highest growth in their personal and business development so that members grow with the growing world challenges.

Our Core Values

We endeavor to embrace the following core values:-Honesty and Integrity, Commitment, Fairness, Christ like approach and Love & Unity

Our Motto

The Umoja Wendani Sacco motto is 'Save Regularly, Borrow wisely and Repay promptly.'

About the Sacco

Umoja Wendani Sacco is a savings and credit co-operative Society registered under the ministry of Co-operative Development.

Its coined name “Umoja Wendani” is meant to describe a Sacco which is bound by “Unity in Love” within the Presbyterian Church of East Africa

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How to Join

  • Carry your ID photocopy & 2 passport size photos
  • Register with Kshs. 1,000 (individuals) & Ksh.5,000 (corporate).
  • Buy a passbook Kshs. 50.
  • Buy 250 shares @ Kshs. 20 each that is Kshs.5,000.
  • Save a minimum of Kshs. 500 & pay Insurance
    Kshs. 50 per month

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Benefits of Joining

  • New source of income through dividends and a means of savings.
  • Educational seminars for our members and save in a Christian environment.
  • We also have Umoja Wendani Housing cooperative Society. Register Kshs.3000
    Buy shares Kshs.1000 minimum savings
    Kshs.500 per month.
    Buy a passbook Kshs. 50.

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Who Can Join

The membership is open to:

  1. Members of Nairobi East presbytery and their Children.
  2. Corporate Groups registered with the government (mostly Self Help Groups), the group members must also come from their PCEA Nairobi Presbytery.


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When getting a Loan...

  • Guarantors: Whenever taking a loan you are required to provide us with at least 3 guarantors to cover the difference between the loan and your deposits.
  • Penalty of Kshs. 50 per month for late loan repayment
  • Lump sum/boosting in savings for the purpose of loan application must
    wait for 6 months.


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Our Services

Our Partners

Contact us


PCEA Umoja 1, opposite Umoja 1 City Council Market.

3rd Floor PCEA Umoja Imani Towers

Tel: + 254 (0) 721 516 546

P.O. BOX 54053 - 00200 NBI, Kenya